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How to merge PDF files

Learn how to combine several PDF files to one

Merge pdf

One of our most used PDF tool is the versatile merge tool. Many are the situations where it could be needed to combine several PDF files to one.

  • Organize related documents together for easier management.
  • Combine scanned documents.
  • Upload multiple documents in a form supporting only one file.
  • To print many files - merge them and print only once to save time.

The pdfux merge tool to the rescue

Not too long ago, few free and secure options existed. The difference with pdfux and other online PDF tools is that we do the processing directly in your browser. Your file never leaves your computer which gives the ultimate privacy and security.

Any kind of device is supported, mobile, tablet or desktop as long as you have a web browser installed. The processing is instant in most cases and once you have the tool loaded you no longer need an internet connection.

It’s easy!

  1. Open the PDF merge tool.

  2. Select the files that you need to merge. Either by dropping them onto the file box or by selecting the file directly.

  3. Arrange the files in the order you want them to appear in the final PDF. You can drag them around until you are happy with the order. (On mobile grab on the top of the file)

  4. Click “Apply changes” and your file is ready in an instant.

That’s it, need a more visual guide? Check out the video tutorial below.

Privacy first

The pdfux merge tool has been designed with security and privacy as first priority. The tool does all processing directly on your computer. It is no longer needed to download a desktop application à la Acrobat reader when working with sensitive documents.

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