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Privacy policy

TL;DR We do not track you and we do not share your personal information with third parties.

The main motivation behind the existence of pdfux was to come up with a free and privacy friendly suite of easy to use PDF tools. That is why privacy and security is a main concern for us. In this document you can get more details about what data we store on your device and what data we store and process on our servers.


Any changes to the privacy policy will listed here.

PDF files

The PDF files that are processed by the tool are never shared with anyone, neither us or any third party. They never leave your device, in this aspect pdfux behaves similar to many offline tools. All processing is done directly on your device. That is why pdfux also can be used offline.

This design is in contrast with most web based PDF tools of today where the files are transferred over the internet to a remote server where the site owner in theory gets access to your files.

To understand better how our tools are used we may collect the following information about processed PDF files:

  • The number of pages in the file.
  • The time it took to process the file.
  • If the file processing ended with an error.

There is nothing linked to this information about you or the content of your file. The information sent from your browser to our server could look something like this:

{ "n": 10, "t":230, "s":"ok" }

Data not collected

We do not know who you are when you use the tool. Also we do not share user data with any third party like Google Analytics.

Data collected

When you visit pdfux, some information will be stored on your computer. First the tool itself will be stored so that you can use it offline. Also some tool specific settings that you set may be stored so they can be pre-selected next time you use the tool.

We do store your IP address in our server logs for 14 days. This is needed in order to filter out and block malicious traffic (Legitimate interest).


The scope of this policy is when you are visiting the pdfux PDF tools (, if you leave the tool and go to a third party site. E.g. to see a YouTube instruction video this policy does not apply and you should refer to the privacy policy of the third party site you visit.


Any updates to this policy will be listed under the changelog with the date of when the update was published. Any significant updates will be communicated to the user by highlighting the link to this privacy policy on each page.


If you have any questions or feedback you can always reach us at

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