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How to edit metadata in a PDF file

Learn how to edit the metadata in a PDF file

Have you ever wondered what decides how the title or the author of a PDF file is set? This is part of the PDF metadata. If you need to change this data, the edit metadata tool can do just that.

The pdfux edit metadata tool was created for this

The PDF metadata tool can help out in this kind of situations. It can be used from any of your devices, desktop, mobile or tablet. While the tool accessed from the web browser, your files are never uploaded to any external servers. It works just as a locally installed offline tool would do. Your file stays on your device and are never sent over the Internet. This is important when handling sensitive documents that you want no one else to get access to.

It’s easy!

  1. Open the PDF metadata tool.

  2. Select the file that you need to update. Either by dropping it onto the file box or by selecting the file directly.

  3. You can now choose which metadata fields that you want to change, they are prefilled with the current values.

  4. Click “Apply changes” and your file is ready in an instant.

That’s it, need a more visual guide? Check out the video tutorial below.

Privacy first

The pdfux edit metadata tool has been designed with security and privacy as first priority. The tool does all processing directly on your computer. It is no longer needed to download a desktop application à la Acrobat reader when working with sensitive documents.

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